Elkins Police arrested a mother and son after finding drug items inside a home.

On December 6, officers went to the area of Central Towers on Second Street for possible gunshots in that area, according to police.  Police said they met a person outside of Central Towers who explained that three younger males had a gun and fired shots in an unknown direction before running back into the apartment complex.  Officers said they then found four spent .380 caliber shell casings outside the apartment complex entrance.

Officers contacted Holland Enterprises to request camera footage from the incident.  While viewing that footage, police said the individuals a witness described went into apartment 207.  Officers went to that apartment, where they contacted Shannon Owens, 37, and a juvenile.

After asking for and receiving permission to enter the apartment, police said they saw a glass smoking device sitting in plain view in the living room.  Officers then asked Owens if there was anything else in the home, to which Owens replied, “just a little bit of weed,” according to police.

Police said they received permission to search the home for any other items relating to controlled substances/narcotics or the original incident involving a gun being fired.  During a search, officers said they found two clear plastic baggies with a small amount of a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana, along with a set of digital scales with a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana and another glass smoking device in the juvenile’s bedroom.

After collecting the items, officers spoke with Holland Enterprises, which showed a video of the three males thought to be involved in the shooting incident going into apartment 207, according to police.  Officers then returned to that apartment and asked for and received permission to search it to a better extent.  During this second search, police said they found five clear plastic baggies with a substantial amount of a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana, four plastic containers marked with “The Green Box” premium concentrate cannabis oil and a box of baggies inside a shoe box in a closet in the juvenile’s bedroom.

While placing Owens and the juvenile into restraints, police said the juvenile stated everything belonged to him, and he was selling the substance.  Officers then told Owens they were arresting her son for possession with intent to deliver, and they were arresting her for child neglect creating risk of serious injury and conspiracy.

Police said they spoke again with Holland Enterprises, which stated that the other subjects seen in the video surveillance lived in apartment 301.  Officers then went to apartment 301 to speak with those individuals, according to police.

When officers arrived at apartment 301, they contacted a man and woman who granted them permission to search the home, police said.  While speaking with the individuals inside the home, a man identified as Jacoby Smith entered and began to act highly unruly, according to police.  Officers said Smith began to cuss at them and degrade them, and they asked him to calm down multiple times in an attempt to explain the situation.  Officers took Smith into custody for breach of peace and interfering with city personnel, according to police.

Officers took Owens, Smith and the juvenile to the Elkins Police Department for processing, and the juvenile was released to Child Protective Services.  Police transported Owens and Smith to Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

After arrival back at the police department, officers weighed the green leafy substance, which was approximately 127.2 grams, according to police.