Elkins woman in custody after 2 separate incidents involving assault


ELKINS, W.Va. – An Elkins woman is in custody after two separate events led to her capture. Charges of malicious assault and robbery are being filed against her.

On July 15, police responded to a call at 14 Linda Lane in Elkins in reference to a malicious assault, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Elkins Police Department on July 18. While en route to the residence, police learned that Kayla McCauley, 19, of Elkins, had stabbed her mother, Lora McCauley and fled the residence, police said.

When police arrived, they made contact with Lora McCauley and learned Kayla McCauley had fled the residence after the alleged assault, police said. Lora McCauley was visibly shaking and clutching a wash cloth around her arm, and her robe, the cloth and left arm had blood on them, according to the complaint.

Upon lifting the washcloth on Lora McCauley’s arm, officers saw a wound that appeared to come from a knife stabbing through one side and coming out the other. Officers also held pressure on the wound until EMS could arrive and perform proper medical care, according to the complaint.

In a statement, Lora McCauley’s boyfriend, Terry Talbot, said he had locked the bedroom door while he and Lora McCauley slept, but woke to hear Kayla McCauley yelling for them to exit the bedroom, police said. During the incident, Kayla McCauley stabbed Lora McCauley in the arm, and Talbot pushed Kayla McCauley away, at which point she fled the residence, according to the complaint.

Police said while investigating the bedroom where the incident took place they noticed the bedroom door appeared to be damaged and showed signs of forced entry, a large amount of blood on the floor and bed covers. A folding knife with blood on its blade was on the bed as well.

Officers were unable to locate Kayla McCauley after a search of the surrounding areas during that incident, according to court documents.

On July 20, officers were called to respond in reference to an assault complaint on North Randolph Avenue in Elkins, according a criminal complaint filed by the Elkins Police Department July 21. Upon arrival, officers were advised that Kayla McCauley was given a ride by Phillip Beckner from Montrose into Elkins, police said.

According to Beckner, as he and McCauley were travelling to Elkins, McCauley began making comments about how she was going to “hurt her mother” and other family members. She then began to “prepare her pot for consumption,” but Beckner shifted gears, causing “the marijuana to split,” according to the complaint.

McCauley became angry and began hitting Beckner in the head and caused his glasses to fall off, police said. Beckner stopped off at the Central Supply intersection and McCauley berated him for stopping, saying she was “above the law,” according to the complaint.

Police said Beckner began driving once again, and McCauley wanted him to turn at Dr. Lammies, but he refused and instead told her that he would drop her off at the Go-Mart. McCauley then “went into a rage” and began beating Beckner in the head, according to Beckner.

Beckner was bleeding from the face and head, but was able to stop his vehicle on the left side of the road and take his keys out of the ignition while McCauley was on top of him the whole time, according to the complaint. Beckner eventually escaped and crossed the road to get help, at which point McCauley took his checkbook and a folding knife from inside the vehicle, police said.

Beckner was transported to Davis Medical Center for his injuries, and police noted a large amount of blood on the driver’s side seat, door and floor, as well as a large amount of blood behind the vehicle, according to the complaint.

McCauley was located and taken into custody. She is being charged with malicious assault and robbery. She is currently being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

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