ALBRIGHT, W.Va. (WBOY) — A man was charged after admitting that he put explosive in Preston County home’s driveway.

On March 13, deputies were dispatched to the area of Second Street in Albright for “a suspected explosive device” being found in the driveway of a residence, according to a criminal complaint.

The West Virginia State Police’s Explosive Response Team responded to the area “and rendered the device safe.” When the device was later investigated, it was discovered to “consist of a wick leading into a can that housed a pill bottle,” deputies said.

A further investigation into the explosive showed that “within the pill bottle was pellets and a powder residue that appeared to be gun powder,” according to the complaint.

Brandon Leggett

Deputies then spoke with the complainant of the incident who stated “they recently had a confrontation” with Brandon Leggett, 37, of Albright, due to Leggett trespassing; the complainant also showed deputies a video of an individual who looked like Leggett “walking past their driveway 2-3 hours before the device was discovered,” deputies said.

When deputies executed a search warrant on Leggett’s residence, Leggett “handed deputies the shotgun shells and prescription bottle top that he used in the device” and “then stated that he left the device in the driveway,” according to the complaint.

Leggett has been charged with illegal possession of destructive devices. He is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail.