Zeighshawn Meade

FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — An 18-year-old who was arrested and charged with murder in March after police say they found his shoe at the scene of a deadly shooting has been denied bond.

Zeighshawn Meade was in court on Monday. His defense attorney claimed that a doorbell camera video exists that shows his client was not at the scene of the shooting, which took place at the Fairmont Hills Apartments on Cleveland Avenue on March 23.

Leo Ginty

Clayton Peck, 22, of Frostburg, Maryland was killed in the shooting. Fairmont Police at the time said that Peck had come from Maryland with drugs when he was shot. Another man, Leo Ginty, 18, of Frostburg, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute after allegedly coming to Fairmont “at the request of [Peck], to assist him with the sale of marijuana.”

But prosecutors say that the case is not in its discovery period yet and that they are not aware of any video proving that Meade was not at the scene.

Meade’s attorney claimed that the shoe was found at the scene because the other males who were at the scene are around the same age as his client, and they sometimes exchange shoes.

The criminal complaint originally filed against Meade did mention an unnamed juvenile accomplice. Meade’s attorney said the others involved fled to Ohio, whereas Meade returned to his home in Fairmont.

Prosecutors argued that a gunshot residue test was administered after Meade’s arrest and showed he did have gunshot residue on his face.

Judge Patrick Wilson denied bond because no official evidence was produced.

As of Monday, no trial date has been announced.