GRAFTON, W.Va. – A Grafton woman has been arrested after being caught in possession of numerous drugs and drug paraphernalia.

According to a criminal complaint, on May 14, at 5:33 p.m., a patrolman with the Grafton Police Department received a phone call reporting that a woman was trespassing at a condemned house in Grafton.

Amber Kostura

The officer arrived on scene to find Amber Kostura, 38, inside the side door of the condemned house. Kostura reportedly said that she had received a text from a friend stating that there was someone in the house, however, she could not show the officer the text.

The complaint said that Kostura gave the officer permission to search her purse and vehicle.

While the vehicle yielded “no items of report,” the officer found “many drug items and cash” in Kostura’s purse. The officer placed Kostura into custody and transported her to the Grafton Police Department to finish the search.

According to the complaint, Kostura was found to be in possession of three pill bottles filled with mixed prescription medications, including Clonazepam, Buprenorphine Hydrochloride, Diazepam, “15 deep purple capsules containing white powder and one red capsule containing white powder.”

Kostura was reportedly also in possession of a “small zip top baggy” that contained additional Buprenorphine Hydrochloride pills, a “folded foil wrapper” containing a “white granular substance” that Kostura identified as methamphetamine and another baggy containing a “white, chalky substance” that she stated “might be cocaine.”

Three other baggies containing a “white powdery residue” were also found in the purse.

The complaint stated that the search also produced a “clear, white, and purple pill crusher with white powder inside, a black and clear glass jar containing yellowish sticky residue and a clear plastic jar containing white powdery residue, two glass smoking devices and two plastic snorting devices.”

$1,554 in cash were also found within the purse.

Kostura is being charged with possession with intent to deliver.