MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The case against the man charged with first degree murder after allegedly stabbing another man will go to a grand jury.

Chance Williams

Chance Williams, 23, of Morgantown, was in court for a pretrial hearing Monday, and several new details were revealed about the case against him. He is accused of stabbing 47-year-old Jamey Corbin, of Fairmont, to death on Tuesday, Nov. 15. Corbin was found dead from injuries sustained after he was stabbed five times, inside a crashed car on Greenbag Road.

Detective John Friend with the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office testified on Monday, saying responding deputies found the vehicle off the road, but still running and had to put it in park before calling investigators.

Friend also said that there was what’s called a “void spot” in blood spatter evidence in the passenger seat of the vehicle, indicating that something had been there at the time of the stabbing, but had gone missing before the sheriff’s office got there.

The detective said he went to the home of Corbin’s mother to inform her that her son had died, which was when she informed the detective that her son had been seeing a man named Chance in Morgantown and they had a tumultuous relationship over the last five years.

Investigators then interviewed the mother and father of Williams, and though he wasn’t there at the time, there was blood on the door handle suggesting he had been there, and his mother told investigators that her son had stated that he had killed Corbin, that his hands were sore and that he had changed clothes.

Friend said investigators then obtained a search warrant and found bloody pants in a bedroom and a knife in the kitchen that appeared to have blood droplets in the crevices of the screws on its handle.

It took deputies 10 days to find Williams after they obtained an arrest warrant because Friend said Williams spent several days hiding in the woods near the rail trail. Williams eventually returned to his home while it was under surveillance, which was when he was arrested, Friend said.

After Williams’ arrest, he was taken to the interview room, where Friend said Williams confessed to the murder and admitted that he had been “in a sexual relationship” with the victim, and had “expressed his grievances against the victim.”

Magistrate Judge James Nabors ruled that the state has enough evidence to bound over to a grand jury.