LINDSIDE, W.Va. (WVNS) — A student was arrested on Thursday after a gun was recovered at the Monroe County Technical Center.

Thursday morning both James Monroe High School and the Tech Center went into lockdown.

Sheriff Jeff Jones, with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, detailed how they exactly found the gun.

“They did find a pistol and it was broken up into pieces,” Jones said. Sheriff Jones added he thinks the student disassembled the pistol and hid the pieces around a garbage can.

One concerned parent, April Copeland, spent hours waiting to see what was going on and pick up her son. She said her child stayed in contact with her which relieved her nerves.

“It makes me worry but not too bad since he has his phone on him when he’s not supposed to but it’s times like this that I’m glad that he does,” Copeland said.

Her son, Remington Mace was in gym class when he was told to seek shelter. He originally thought everything was just a drill.

“I was like, ‘well, this is probably just another drill,’ but she did seem a little scared. Once I heard them say we need backup, I was thinking, this might be real,” Mace said.

Another concerned parent, Kristie Boggs, said her son contacted her around 10 a.m. to let her know what was going on. Boggs said this is why she lets her child have a phone.

“This very reason. You never know what’s going to happen, we live in a very rural area but it happens everywhere,” Boggs told 59News.

Boggs said she was glad to know everyone was safe.

“Knowing that they’re safe and law enforcement is here doing their job…huge relief,” Boggs said.

According to a statement from Monroe County Schools, the student could potentially face criminal charges.

The student’s identity will not be released due to them being a juvenile.