BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — A woman has been charged for allegedly punching a girl in the face in Bridgeport.

On March 10, a 16-year-old girl completed a forensic interview at the Harrison County Child Advocacy Center after a report of suspected abuse, according to a criminal complaint.

During the interview, the youth said “that if she did not complete her chores,” April Dulaney, 45, of Bridgeport, “would hit her in the face,” officers with the Bridgeport Police Department stated.

Staff at the victim’s school noticed “bruising to her face”, and the victim told a school counselor what was happening to her, according to the complaint.

During the investigation, officers received audio recordings where Dulaney “is heard yelling, ‘Let me take my fist and see if you acknowledge’, ‘That’s why I get mad and start punching, choking, and pulling hair’ and ‘I don’t care that you’re afraid to come home’,” officers said.

Dulaney has been charged with child abuse resulting in injury.