CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – Chief U.S. District Judge Thomas Kleeh sentenced a Nevada woman, Tuesday, to more than seven years in prison, Tuesday, for committing financial fraud against the elderly, United States Attorney William Ihlenfeld announced.

Shelly Leipham of Las Vegas was found guilty by a jury in April of “Wire Fraud,” “Mail Fraud,” and “Money Laundering.” Leipham called an elderly victim living in Harrison County and claimed the victim won one million dollars, according to Ihlenfeld. Leipham defrauded the victim of nearly $25,000 by directing the victim to send that amount to her over the course of a two-year period by mail and wire, Ihlenfeld went on to say.

“Leipham badgered and manipulated her elderly victims by calling them over and over again, disregarded the hardships they were experiencing while she was exploiting them, repeatedly lied to them, and accepted no responsibility for her conduct. The lengthy prison term imposed today was necessary in order to address her callous conduct,” Ihlenfeld stated.

In addition to serving an 87-month prison sentence, Leipham must pay a money judgment of $336,402.

Leipham was indicted in March 2021 and initially faced a much longer prison sentence.

The Internal Revenue Service, the West Virginia State Police, and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case against Leipham.

This case was prosecuted as a part of the Department of Justice Elder Fraud Initiative.