WESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Twenty West Virginians were indicted by the Lewis County Grand Jury during the November session, including those charged with kidnapping, strangulation, malicious assault and child neglect.

Ryan Criss

Ryan Criss, 34, of Jane Lew, was indicted on charges of kidnapping, strangulation and domestic battery stemming from two separate alleged kidnapping events. Criss was arrested in August, and according to court documents, he is accused of kidnapping a woman twice—once in August and once in July.

During one incident, he allegedly kidnapped and brought her to his drug dealer’s house “to force her to use methamphetamine so she would know what it was like to have an addiction,” court documents said. During the other incident, he allegedly locked the woman in a bedroom, poured gasoline on the bed, and threatened to kill her if tried to contact anyone.

Michael Romel

Michael Romel, 27, of Weston, was indicted for unlawful assault, strangulation, brandishing a deadly weapon, burglary and two counts of battery. Romel was arrested after an incident in August where he allegedly forced his way into a Jane Lew home and threatened a group of people with a knife. Court documents say he also punched a woman in the face and grabbed her by the throat.

Daniel Rogers

Daniel Roger, 33, of Alum Bridge, was indicted on one count of malicious assault. He was arrested after allegedly assaulting a man outside a High Life Lounge near Weston, causing the victim to experience a brain bleed and go into a coma, according to court documents.

Tiffany Walton

Tiffany Walton, 41, of Weston, was indicted on one count of child neglect creating a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury. She was arrested in August after allegedly leaving three children, ages 1, 2 and 4, at home alone in the middle of the night “to go to the store,” court documents say.

A full list of indictments for the month is available here.