LUMBERPORT, W.Va. – A Lumberport town employee is facing a felony embezzlement charge after an investigation by the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office’s Public Integrity Unit found that more than $10,000 had been misappropriated from the town.

An investigator from the Auditor’s Office found that from January 2016 to August 2018, Radonna Thompson, 51 of Clarksburg, used a town purchasing card to buy clothes, hair and beauty products, gift cards, lease payments, handbags, cell phone accessories, a Netflix account, furniture, a hotel stay and meals, totaling $2,174.51.

Thompson was authorized to pay for one cell phone line for business use. However, investigators found that she was paying for nine phone lines, with town funds, to the tune of $6,332.07.

It was also found that Thompson would “double dip,” paying for travel expenses with the town’s purchasing card and then submitting expense reports to be paid for the same expenses. Those charges totaled $513.15, according to court documents.

The investigator also found that Thompson had used a town fuel card to put gas in her personal vehicle.

An audit set the total amount Thompson is alleged to have misappropriated at $10,895.14. You can read the full details of the audit, in Thompson’s criminal complaint, here.

Thompson did repay $380.48 to the town, officials said.

Following the audit by the Auditor’s Office, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department investigated the case.