A man charged with first degree murder in Harrison County after a deadly shooting last month appeared in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

Mason Lynch, 22, of Clarksburg is accused of shooting his roommate, Brantley Langford, 20, at their home back on January 7.

On Thursday, a Harrison County sheriff’s deputy testified about what he saw upon arriving on the scene.  He stated that Langford was found between a bed and the wall, and that Langford was already dead.  The deputy also testified that a patrol officer told him that Langford had been shot in the face.  Investigators found a 12 gauge shotgun in a bedroom, according to the deputy’s testimony.

The deputy testified that he interviewed Lynch at the courthouse, and during this time, Lynch told him he was woken up by a woman screaming for help.  Lynch ran to get a knife, then found Langford choking a woman next to a bed.  Lynch stated that he and Langford got into an argument, then Lynch got a shotgun and shot Langford, according to testimony Thursday.

However, two women who were in the home gave a different account of what happened, according to the deputy.  He testified that the women told him Lynch said, “We have to come up with a story.  I will go to prison for this.”

The defense questioned the deputy about the incident, including the 911 call.  The deputy testified that Lynch admitted to shooting Langford.  When asked about whether he gave Lynch a field sobriety test before interviewing him, the deputy stated that he did not, but he asked Lynch baseline questions to establish his mental clarity.

The deputy added that he took pictures of Lynch and took his clothes, stating that Lynch had scratch marks on his chest.  A witness told the deputy that Lynch beat her, and that she remembers scratching him in the chest.  She also stated that Langford never touched her, according to the deputy’s testimony.

A magistrate found enough evidence to move the case against Lynch to circuit court.