FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Forty people were indicted by a Grand Jury in Marion County this month, including those accused of first-degree murder and child neglect creating risk or death.

Michael Murphy

Michael Llyod Murphy, 69 of Fairmont, was indicted for allegedly murdering his son in October 2022. A criminal complaint filed against Murphy when he was arrested said that he “did willfully, deliberately and with premeditation shoot and kill his adult son.” The shooting happened at Murphy’s home on Mill Fall Road in Fairmont.

Lindsey Boone

Lindsey Boone, 38, of Fairmont, was indicted for child neglect creating substantial risk of death or serious injury as well as DUI with child endangerment. She was charged in September 2022 when Fairmont Police pulled her vehicle over and found three children without car seats of any kind. Law enforcement also said she showed impairment that indicated she was under the influence of stimulants, and she admitted to consuming Subutex before driving, court documents say.

Other indictments include Zackery Nestor, 29, of Fairmont, for first-degree sexual abuse, and sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian; Kimet Vilar, 31, of Fairmont, for soliciting a minor via computer; Nicholas Valentine, 28, of Fairmont, for first-degree sexual assault as well as burglary; and Jason Madey, 41, of Mannington, for first degree attempted murder and attempted malicious assault of a law enforcement officer.

A full list of indictments can be viewed at this link.