Maverick Mayle

SALEM, W.Va. — A man has been charged after allegedly choking his wife and cutting her with a knife in Salem.

On April 24, deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a domestic violence incident involving a knife near the Salem Manor Apartments in Salem, according to a criminal complaint.

When deputies arrived, they made contact with Maverick Mayle, 25, of Salem, who had a knife in a sheath on his hip. Deputies then took possession of the weapon.

They also took a statement from the victim and learned that while she and Mayle were arguing, he had “began choking her then pulled a knife out and cut [her] forearm.” Three additional witnesses confirmed the victim’s statement, according to the complaint.

Mayle told deputies that his wife had approached him, called him a “woman beater” and attacked him and that he had protected himself by pushing her away, but deputies said that his statement had inconsistencies.

Mayle has been charged with malicious assault. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $10,000 bond.