FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — A man has been charged after allegedly hitting a woman in the head with an iPad, among other physical attacks.

On Oct. 4, deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a residence for a call of a physical altercation, according to a criminal complaint.

Brandon Marks

Deputies learned that Brandon Marks, 39, of Fairmont, was at the residence and “was just in a physical fight” with a man; when deputies arrived, they observed “a fire in the rear of the residence behind the garage” … “about a foot and a half away from the residence,” deputies said.

In the fire were “women’s clothing” and “hangers as well”; deputies then spoke with the woman who originally called in the altercation, and she said that Marks “had struck her with items in the arm and grabbed her around the neck,” according to the complaint.

During the conversation, deputies “observed marks on her arm that appeared new and redness around her throat,” and the woman continued to say that Marks “kicked her in the back on the right side” … “when she was on the ground” and that Marks “struck her with an A&W glass on the back,” deputies said.

While Marks “grabbed her around the neck, he used both hands and she lost consciousness. She was woken up by him throwing lemonade in her face, saying ‘Wakey wakey’,” and Marks also “struck her in the back of the head with an iPad, causing it to bend in half and leave a red mark on her head,” according to the complaint.

Marks has been charged with malicious assault, attempted arson and strangulation. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $200,012 bond.