CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A man has been charged after allegedly strangling an individual during a landlord-tenant disagreement in Clarksburg.

On Oct. 28, officers with the Clarksburg Police Department responded to the scene of a reported incident taking place at a residence on N 18th Street in Clarksburg, according to a criminal complaint.

Once on scene, officers spoke to the victim and a witness who stated that their landlord, Richard Reed, 64, of Clarksburg, had arrived at the residence in an “attempt to collect rent money,” officers said.

A “verbal disagreement” then occurred, during which time Reed “forced entry into the residence by opening the front screen door which the victim was holding shut,” according to the complaint.

After making his way into the residence, Reed then “did make unwanted physical contact with the victim grabbing him by his shirt and throat”; officers were able to observe “a tear in the victim’s shirt collar and redness around his neck,” officers said.

The victim told officers that “he was then strangled by [Reed] until he almost blacked out,” and the witness at the scene mentioned that “the victim’s face had begun to turn purple” and when Reed released him, Reed “struck the victim in the nose causing it to bloody,’ according to the complaint.

Officers spoke with Reed who stated “he went into the residence but wasn’t sure what physical actions he may have taken after forcing entry,” officers said.

Reed has been charged with strangulation and burglary.