Man charged after threatening to kill multiple people, himself after hit and run accident in Elkins


ELKINS, W.Va. — A man has been charged in Elkins after threatening to kill multiple people and himself following a hit and run accident.

On May 31, officers with the Elkins Police Department responded to a hit and run that occurred near DiBella’s Bar on Third Street in Elkins, according to a criminal complaint.

When officers arrived on scene they saw a female lying in the road and a male, identified as Brian Mullennex, 48, of Harman, holding the woman’s “C-Spine,” officers said.

Brian Mullennex

Officers then checked on “the striking vehicle,” which they were told had “a male subject on the outside of the vehicle,” who had tried to jump on it when the hit and run incident occurred, according to the complaint.

During that time, officers told Mullennex to continue holding the female’s “C-Spine,” as they assessed her for other injuries, officers said, and Randolph County EMS showed up to the scene and Mullennex gave them a report of his observations of the female’s injuries.

While the female was being loaded into the ambulance, officers heard screaming and were advised of a man “overdosing” on the sidewalk, according to the complaint, and when officers observed the man they did not see any evidence of an overdose but did see that he was “bleeding from the head with multiple obvious injuries.”

Officers began to assess the man’s injuries while EMS workers loaded the female into the ambulance, and officers drove the ambulance to Davis Medical Center to allow EMS workers to take care of the injured male on the sidewalk, officers said.

The female was transported to Davis Medical Center and officers drove back to the scene where Mullennex was assisting EMS workers by holding the male’s “C-Spine” and he informed officers that he “had also been hit,” but when officers asked him if he needed medical attention, he refused, according to the complaint.

As the injured male was being loaded into the ambulance, officers approached Mullennex for a statement into what happened in the hit and run incident, at which point he “began to run away,” officers said.

While running, Mullennex pulled out a handgun from his waistband and began to point it at everyone present in the area stating, “I will f***ing kill everyone, and then I’ll kill myself, you’re f***ing right I have a gun,” according to the complaint.

When Mullennex said he was going to kill himself, he put the gun to his head, and officers told him to drop the weapon, officers said, and Mullennex then ran down ran toward an alley behind the Citizens Bank’s drive-thru.

Officers then entered the alley and asked a woman who was smoking a cigarette if anyone had run through the alley, to which she replied that there was someone hiding behind a dumpster, according to the complaint.

When officers began giving Mullennex commands, he replied by telling officers to “f***ing kill” him, and that he was on multiple “watch lists for suicide by cop,” officers said, and that during this time officers were unable to see Mullennex.

Additional officers arrived on scene as Mullennex continued to refuse demands, stating “I’ll burn this whole city to the f***ing ground, just like the rest of the country,” according to the complaint, at which point Mullennex flipped the officers off and continued telling them to “kill him.”

Eventually, Mullennex threw the gun over the dumpster along with a knife, then came out from behind the dumpster with his hands in his pocket while still refusing to acquiesce to officers’ commands and “cuss” them, officers said.

Mullennex then told officers to “watch this,” as he pulled down his pants and “waved his genitals,” at them, then turned around and “expos[ed] his anus” to the officers, continuing to “degrade and cuss” them during that time, according to the complaint.

After that, Mullennex attempted to leave the area, but officers deployed a taser to Mullennex’s midsection, but Mullennex “pulled the prongs from his body screaming,” still refusing to listen to officers’ commands, officers said.

Shortly after, Mullennex said he would comply, and he laid on the ground while officers placed him in hand restraints, but he continued to resist, according to the complaint.

Officers then searched Mullennex and placed him into their police cruiser, at which point Mullennex stated he “should have killed people or shot at [officers] so [they] would have killed him,” officers said.

The firearm was then retrieved by officers and there was a loaded magazine with a round in the chamber, according to the complaint.

When officers arrived at the Elkins Police Department for processing, Mullennex’s handcuffs were removed and he tensed up, at which point he “aggressively turned toward [officers] rapidly,” and officers delivered “an open hand strike to Mr. Mullennex’s left side of his face and neck area which produced the desired stunning effect,” officers said.

After that, Mullennex was “compliant the rest of the time during processing,” and when officers were transporting Mullennex to Tygart Valley Regional Jail, he continued saying that “he should have killed himself,” and that “he should jump off a bridge,” and “he wanted [officers] to kill him when [they] got him out of the cruiser,” according to the complaint.

Mullennex also stated that if when officers took him out of the cruiser, if he “fought [them] if [they] would just shoot him,” and when they arrived at Tygart Valley Regional Jail, officers were told the jail could not accept Mullennex until they received a medical release due to having been involved in the hit and run accident, officers said.

At that time, officers transported Mullennex to Davis Medical Center, leaving an officer to remain with him, according to the complaint.

Mullennex has been charged with wanton endangerment and terroristic threats. He is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

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