Man charged for burglary after claiming “Dr. Pepper or Aunt Dorris” let him into a Clarksburg home


CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A man has been charged after making himself at home inside someone else’s residence while they were asleep.

In the early morning hours of Jan. 12, officers with the Clarksburg Police Department responded to a burglary complaint in reference to a male subject being inside a residence located on Carr Avenue in Clarksburg, according to a criminal complaint.

When officers arrived, they found the home’s owner come out the front door to speak with them, and he said that the male subject was still inside and had locked himself inside a room downstairs, officers said.

Officers then requested more units to come assist, and when officers arrived at the locked room in the downstairs of the residence, they say it had a keypad lock that the home’s owner put the code into, and it unlocked, according to the complaint.

Shawn Mace

When the door opened, officers saw a male, later identified as Shawn Mace, 32, of Clarksburg, standing in front of the door wearing no shirt or shoes and he had on a pair of blue jeans and a belt which the home’s owner claimed belonged to him; officers then detained him, officers said.

Mace told the officers that a woman had told him he could come in the house, but he did not know who owned the house, nor did he know any of the home’s residents, according to the complaint.

The home’s owner told officers that he had been asleep when Mace entered his room, and the home’s owner said he confronted Mace after noticing the man had just showered, officers said. Mace told the home’s owner that “Dr. Pepper or Aunt Dorris” told him he could come in, according to the complaint.

At that point, the home’s owner attempted to call his wife — who was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom — but when she didn’t answer, he went up to her room, at which point Mace locked himself in the downstairs room, officers said.

The home’s owner later told officers that Mace had been in his kitchen, taking food from the freezer and using both a microwave and air fryer to cook the food; the owner said Mace also took a Pop Tart and left the wrapper on his table, opened a bottle of liquor and took some candy, leaving wrappers on the kitchen table, according to the complaint.

Upon reviewing footage from a Ring Camera, the home’s owner saw that Mace had broken into his home from the side basement door — which had been damaged from the break in — and had been in the residence from 12:50 – 5:17 a.m., officers said.

During that time, Mace left his belongings in a trash bag, as well as three knives and a multi tool in the downstairs sink; Mace also left his wallet and cigarettes in the basement, with his Kindle plugged into the computer in the room, according to the complaint.

While detained in an officer’s cruiser, Mace broke the driver’s side door handle and wires under the seat, and when officers pulled their cruiser up to the back door of the station to let Mace out, he stated “don’t” a couple of times, officers said, and became tense and looked like he was ready to fight.

Then Mace pulled away from officers and lunged away, running toward the parking lot, but officers caught him and cuffed his hands behind his back; but while being escorted into the police station, Mace attempted to grab an officer’s firearm from the holster, according to the complaint.

While confined in leg restraints in the police station, officers said that Mace also damaged a pair of leg restraints by bending them.

Mace is charged with burglary, attempted escape and obstructing an officer. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $10,000.

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