BELINGTON, W.Va. — A man has been charged after troopers found meth after being called to a verbal altercation taking place in Belington.

On Jan. 7, troopers with the Barbour County detachment of the West Virginia State Police received a call for service at a residence at the Golden Rule Apartments on South Crime Avenue in Belington, according to a criminal complaint.

Donald Marsh

When troopers arrived, they attempted to enter the residence, but each of the entrances was locked; during that time, troopers “heard a noise on the side of the building and observed a side door being opened,” troopers said.

Upon approaching the side door, troopers heard two individuals yelling. They moved closer to the source of the sound, and through a glass door in the building, they observed a man “push toward a female and the female swat at the man’s arms while yelling”, according to the complaint.

Troopers then knocked on the door, and the female opened it for them, at which point troopers noticed “multiple bags and a rolling cart” near the door, and a man, identified later as Robert Marsh, 55, of Belington, “reaching down toward the floor on the other side of the cart,” troopers said.

At that point, Marsh was detained for troopers’ safety, and after he informed troopers he had a knife on his person, a search resulted in six knives being found in Marsh’s boot, belt and pockets, as well as six individually-packaged bags of presumed methamphetamine, two sets of digital scales and glass smoking devices, according to the complaint.

Troopers then spoke with the woman, who stated that “she and [Marsh] had an argument about him talking to another female,” and that Marsh “did not strike her but did pull her hair”; troopers noted that there was “a small clump of hair on the carpet near the doorway,” troopers said.

In speaking with Marsh in a post-Miranda interview, he stated that “he did not remember pulling [the woman’s] hair, but he might have,” and that the substance troopers found “was in fact methamphetamine”; Marsh “confessed he would occasionally trade and sell methamphetamine,” and that he had “traded meth for an airsoft rifle and drone in the past,” according to the complaint.

Marsh has been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. He is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $20,000 bond.