KINGWOOD, W.Va. – A Preston County man was arrested after officers found drugs and messages on his phone about buying and selling meth.

According to a criminal complaint, deputies with the Preston County Sheriff’s Office responded to Wesley Chapel Cemetery on Vista View Road in Kingwood where a man had been passed out in his truck for several hours. They identified the man as Garrett Haney, 34 of Kingwood, who they knew sold and distributed drugs.

Garrett Haney

According to deputies, Haney had slurred speech and bloodshot watery eyes which made them believe he was under the influence.

After Haney was removed from the truck, deputies searched it and found a smoking pipe, suboxone strips and pre-load bank cards, which are commonly used for illegal drug purchases. During a search of Haney, deputies also found a small silver container of suspected meth.

After he was taken into custody, Haney told deputies that he had just purchased the meth and allowed them to look through his phone to prove it.

According to the complaint, deputies looked at three contacts on Haney’s phone; one said “I need to sell two balls of ice,” and the other two contacts had asked Haney to sell them suboxone and meth.

Based on that information, deputies believed Haney was keeping more drugs at his house. During that search, they found 83 additional pre-load bank cards, three cellphones and bags that are commonly used to distribute drugs.

Haney has been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and is being held at the Tygart Valley Regional Jain on $50,000 bail.