KINGWOOD, W.Va. – An Albright man is on trial for murder in Preston County this week. Andrew Prudnick, 30, is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Ryan Sines, of Friendsville, Md.

In November 2020, West Virginia State Police found Sines’ body with multiple bullet wounds in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Sines had gone to the apartment to help a woman, who was Prudnick’s girlfriend, get her belongings, troopers said.

The trial, in Preston County Circuit Court, began Tuesday with opening statements.

Jurors first heard from a 911 operator and the state troopers who investigated the shooting. One trooper testified that he found seven bullet casings on the scene, along with two handguns.

A West Virginia State Trooper shows jurors a handgun recovered at the scene.

Prosecutors also showed jurors video from a Blink security camera system at the apartment complex.

Judge Steven Shaffer on the bench during Andrew Prudnick’s murder trial

On Wednesday, several witnesses testified. A neighbor said she heard a sequence of gunshots, then a pause, and then another gunshot. Another witness, who was sitting in her car in the driveway of a house across the street, said she heard a conversation that included: “Please put the gun away. If you’re going to shoot then…,” but that the person talking didn’t get to finish before he was shot. The witness said she hid under her steering wheel after hearing the gunshots.

State firearms and cell phone experts also testified Wednesday.

Prosecutors then called Thomas Dunbar to the stand. Dunbar is a friend of Prudnick’s who worked with him at the Hopemont State Hospital in Terra Alta. Dunbar said that on the night of the shooting, the pair quit their jobs at the hospital and then stopped at a liquor store to buy alcohol, before heading to play video games. During the drive to Prudnick’s home, Prudnick had an angry phone conversation with the hospital’s director of nursing, Dunbar said. When Prudnick hung up, he told Dunbar: “I’m going to kill her,” he testified.

Andrew Prudnick on Day 2 of his murder trial

When they got to the apartment complex’s parking lot, Prudnick went to his car and got a gun and returned to Dunbar’s car to load the weapon, telling Dunbar that his girlfriend had come out of the apartment with a man. Dunbar further testified that he never left the car, but said he heard a scuffle, Prudnick yelling “what the f—,” and then gunshots. He said he then felt a man’s body hit the back of the car before hearing one more gunshot.

The trial will continue Thursday.