A Marion County woman is facing multiple charges after a burglary in Grant Town.

On Sunday, December 9, deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department responded to a burglary complaint on Robinson Run Road in the Grant Town area of Marion County. Police said that according to witnesses, a woman, later identified as Bridgett Vessecchia, 40, of Fairmont, along with a man that was later identified as Logan Vessecchia were seen exiting the residence with items and walking towards the garage where their vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee was located.

According to deputies, witnesses on scene confronted both suspects and advised them that they were calling 911. Deputies said that at this time, Bridgett Vessecchia became involved in a physical altercation with a female witness. During the altercation, Bridgett Vessecchia choked the witness and  struck her on her recently injured arm, according to deputies.

Deputies also said that according to the witness, Bridgett Vessecchia and Logan Vessecchia left the scene and returned a short time later with a firearm, and threatened the witness’s life. According to deputies, the witnesses retreated to their vehicle that was parked in the driveway of the residence. Deputies said that moments later, the suspects’ Jeep exited the garage by driving through the closed garage door, struck the witness’s vehicle and fled the scene by driving through the yard and crashing through a fence, leaving parts of the driver’s side door mirror of the vehicle at the scene. 

According to deputies, witnesses told deputies the license plate number of  the Jeep, and found it was registered to Bridgett Vessecchia. Deputies said they then began checking areas associated with Bridgett Vessecchia and located the Jeep in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Pine Needle Lane. 

According to court documents, surveillance video from the apartment complex showed Bridgett Vessecchia’s Jeep enter the parking lot and park where it was located by deputies. A second vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma, similar to the vehicle known to be driven by Jason Vessecchia, entered the parking lot directly after Bridgett Vessecchia’s Jeep and parked adjacent to it, deputies said.

Deputies said that the surveillance footage showed a man exiting the Tacoma and a female exiting the driver’s seat of the Jeep and loading items into the Tacoma. According to deputies, the footage also showed that the male and female got into the Tacoma along with a third person that appeared to be missing a shoe, that had exited Bridgett Vessecchia’s Jeep. Deputies said the footage then showed the Tacoma leaving the area.

Bridgett Vessecchia has been charged with nighttime burglary, assault in commission of a felony, conspiracy to commit a felony and wanton endangerment.