CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Here at 12 News, we cover a lot of crime stories involving illegal drugs. In just the past month, there have been at least 32 felony arrests for drugs in north central West Virginia, and that’s only the ones that went through our newsroom.

In general, we only cover felony arrests. In order to be charged with a felony, you must have enough of an illegal substance that police can assume you intend to sell or distribute it, meaning people arrested for what would be considered a personal stash of drugs don’t make it on our news or website.

In April, more than 1,750 grams (3.9 pounds) of narcotics have been seized from distributors in north central West Virginia. Here are the drugs that were removed from circulation this month:

  • More than 1,301 grams (2.871551 pounds) of methamphetamine
  • 119 grams and several bags of cocaine
  • More than 330 grams of fentanyl
  • Several hundred Xanax bars
  • 52 ecstasy pills

These numbers include drugs from arrests covered by 12 News. However, the amounts were not provided in all cases, meaning these figures are conservative.

In a fentanyl press conference earlier this year, First Assistant United States Attorney Randy Bernard said a pound of fentanyl could kill more than 200,000 people. That means the 330 grams seized in April had the potential to kill 145,500 people.

West Virginians suffered more than 1,500 drug overdoses from July 2020 to July 2021, according to CDC data.

Biggest drug arrests this month

The Bridgeport Police Department recovered more than 200 grams of meth during a traffic stop on April 17. The story circulated nationally because when the driver went to hand officers his registration, he accidentally handed them a packet containing meth. The driver, Roy Porter, had four grams of meth, and his passenger, Jared Mayle, had 220 grams. Porter is currently in North Central Regional Jail, and Mayle is out on bond. Read the full story here.

Officers seized more than a half-pound (226 grams) of meth during a motel room search in Westover on April 10. The Westover Police Department executed a search warrant for the room after they found marijuana in a car. Police then found 52 ecstasy pills and the meth in the motel room’s mini-fridge. Antoine Bailey, of Philadelphia, was arrested in the incident. He is being held at North Central Regional Jail. Read the full story here.

In another incident in Morgantown on April 26, officers seized more than 300 grams of different narcotics. According to a criminal complaint, four men were arrested after the Mon Metro Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at a home on Alpine Street in Monongalia County, finding meth, cocaine, a heroin/fentanyl mix and more than $21,000 in cash. Four men from Detroit were charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Craig Young, Keith Young, Spencer Young and Ameer Shakr are being held in North Central Regional Jail. Read the full story here.

On April 11, the Mon Metro Drug Task Force, the West Virginia State Police Special Response Team and the Morgantown Police Department’s Special Response Team seized more than 600 grams of controlled substances during a drug raid at two Morgantown homes. Law enforcement also found more than $25,000 in cash. Eight people, seven of whom are from Michigan, were arrested in the incident. Read the full story here.

During a vehicle search in Lewis County on April 16, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department found meth and fentanyl. No amounts were provided, as deputies said there was “a large amount” of each substance. Two people from Lewis County were arrested for possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. Stories like this are why the numbers listed above are conservative. Read the full story here.