FAIRMONT, W.Va. — A man has been charged after officers said they found him in possession of a drone used to deliver controlled substances after pulling him over for driving on a revoked driver’s license.

On Aug. 7, officers with the Fairmont Police Department were travelling northbound on Pleasant Valley Road in Fairmont when they observed a black motorcycle in the southbound lane being driven by a man officers knew to have a suspended driver’s license, according to a criminal complaint.

Officers also noted that the motorcycle did not display a proper registration, but instead had a “home made wooden sigh which read ‘West Virginia – DMV Closed & Lost Plates, 04-24-2020 W.V.’,” officers said.

Brandon Wise

At that point, officers activated their cruiser’s emergency lights and siren and performed a traffic stop where officers made contact with the motorcycle’s driver, Brandon Wise, 33, of Fairmont, who stated that “he currently has a suspended license,” according to the complaint.

However, Wise claimed that he “believed he could operate this moped on the public highways,” despite his license being suspended “due to DUI,” to which officers told Wise that “the vehicle he was operating is” … “considered a motor vehicle,” officers said.

At that point, officers arrested Wise for third-offense driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license, and upon searching his person, officers found a piece of a plastic straw “used to snort and smoke illegal drugs,” according to the complaint.

Before searching Wise’s backpack, officers asked him if there were any illegal substances inside, to which Wise replied that there was “a foil inside which contained heroin”; when officers searched the backpack, they found the foil as well as a remote-controlled drone, officers said.

According to reports from confidential informants, Wise used the drone “to deliver illegal drugs,” and after searching Wise’s phone, officers found evidence where Wise “spoke of utilizing the drone for foil packages/drug deliveries,” according to the complaint.

Inside the drone, officers said they found two additional foil packages, one of which appeared to be used and the other appeared unused.

Wise has been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and third-offense driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $60,000 bond.