The Morgantown Police Department charged a man it said threatened officers and Ruby Memorial Hospital staff members.

On February 22, officers answered a disturbance call at Sports Page on High Street.  Police said officers spoke with Joseph Rerko, 21, of Fairview Park, Ohio, and checked him for any weapons.  Rerko told police he wanted to kill himself.  Officers then told Rerko that since he stated he wanted to kill himself, he needed to see a doctor for evaluation, according to a criminal complaint.  Police said officers told Rerko that if he went voluntarily, he would get out of the hospital sooner.

Rerko started yelling profanities and refused to go to the hospital, police said.  Rerko then lowered his body, clenched his fist, dropped his weight and charged at an officer, according to a criminal complaint.  Three officers got control of Rerko, placed him on the ground and handcuffed him, according to police.

After getting Rerko to Ruby Memorial Hospital by EMS, police said an officer, at least two security officers, at least three nurses and a doctor attempted to get Rerko into restraints.  While this was going on, Rerko said multiple times to hospital staff members and to police that he would kill the police, the hospital staff and their families for forcing him to go to the hospital, according to a criminal complaint.  Rerko also stated that he would blow up the hospital, police said.

Rerko’s ex-girlfriend told officers that Rerko was out on bond for a domestic assault charge.  Officers found that Rerko had been arrested for a domestic assault charge on January 11, according to a criminal complaint.

Rerko is charged with threats of terrorist acts.  He is in North Central Regional Jail.