ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) — An Elkins man and an Ohio man are facing charges of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute after presumed meth, marijuana and “gray death” were found during a traffic stop in Elkins on Saturday.

The traffic stop was initiated at the GoMart on Railroad Avenue in Elkins after officers noticed an expired registration sticker on a car, according to the criminal complaints against the alleged driver, Steven Kacenski of Akron, Ohio and Darin Brooks of Elkins.

Police say that Kacenski appeared to be fidgeting with something during the stop, as if “he was attempting to conceal something.” Officers had him step out for a pat down, and say they found several syringes and other paraphernalia on him, a baggie marked “25% THC” that contained a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana and a large amount of currency.

Then, officers patted down Brooks and say they found a “tooter,” used to snort illegal substances and a cigarette pack containing a crystal-like substance consistent with meth.

When questioned about the find, officers say Brooks said, “Oh s*** I grabbed the wrong cigarette pack.” A container with a gray, rock-like substance consistent with “gray death” also fell from Brooks’ pant leg, according to the complaint.

Officers then searched the vehicle and say they found a digital scale with crystal residue consistent with meth, a plastic baggie containing a substance consistent with marijuana, and several empty baggies.

During the search, officers say the Brooks “had a baggie bust in his pocket” then “appeared to [attempt] to destroy evidence.” While the two were being processed, Brooks allegedly told officers that the two were going to the GoMart to meet someone to exchange the illicit substances and Kacenski allegedly told officers that he was concealing meth, and removed “a large amount of a crystal-like substance from his underwear.”

Both were taken to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, where they are being held on $50,000 cash-only bail.