An out-of-state man was arrested in Morgantown after a suspicious package was intercepted at a Fed Ex Hub in Morgantown.

According to officers with the Star City Police Department, after intercepting a suspicious package from the Fed Ex Hub in Morgantown on Tuesday, January 15, the Mon Metro Drug Task Force (MMDTF) issued a search warrant for the package and determined it contained marijuana. Officers said they were able to determine the package contained marijuana with the assistance of a K9 unit. 

The MMDTF later executed a controlled delivery of the package to the marked address, and once the package was accepted by the resident, a search warrant was then executed. Officers said that once the residents were secure, two men from Michigan were located inside, including Gerrod Abram, 23, of Detroit.

A criminal complaint listed Abram’s address as being in Madison Alabama, but officers determined him to be from Detroit.

After a continued search of the home, officers located a large amount of crack cocaine, heroin and meth located in the kitchen/living room of the residence. Officers said the drugs were found to be prepackaged for sales, and there was also a loose lump sum of heroin on a kitchen plate yet to be packaged. Officers also said there were four digital scales and a large sum of cash in a safe located in the kitchen.

Abram has been charged with possession of crack cocaine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin and conspiracy to commit a felony.