REEDSVILLE, W.Va. – A 19-year-old has been charged after he refused to pull over for a police cruiser with its siren and lights on.

An officer with the Reedsville Police Department was watching traffic near the Reedsville Fire Department when a black two-door sedan with a Pennsylvania registration and inspection sticker and a loud exhaust passed him. The vehicle was driven by a man later identified as Dominic Ulderich, 19, of Markleton, Pa.

Dominic Ulderich

When the officer tried to pull the sedan over, the vehicle “sped up and did not stop,” even though the officer had turned on the cruiser lights and siren, according to a criminal complaint.

The car turned down Preston Street and then pulled into the Reedsville Town Hall so the officer would drive past. The 911 center told the officer about the attempted slip and said that the car had gone back to the intersection.

An officer with the Preston County Sheriff’s Department found the vehicle and driver near Kingwood, and the Reedsville officer met at that location. The driver was then identified as Ulderich, and police discovered that he had a 16-year-old girl with him during the pursuit.

After Ulderich was arrested, he said that “he did see the cruiser behind him with lights and siren activated at the time he ran from law enforcement,” according to the complaint. He also told officers that “he ran because he didn’t have insurance” on the sedan he was driving.

Ulderich has been charge with fleeing in a vehicle and is being held at Tygarts Valley Regional Jail on $6,000 bond.