TERRA ALTA, W.Va. – The Terra Alta Police Department arrested a Pennsylvania woman on a marijuana charge.

Offender Picture
Julia Chester

According to police, a car was traveling on Route 7 at 50 mph in a 25 mph zone, and it had a defective light. During a traffic stop, the driver, Julia Chester, 33, of Addison, Pa., appeared to be under the influence. When asked if she had taken any substances, Chester told police she had consumed a shot earlier and had medical marijuana on her.

Chester stated that she had a medical marijuana card, and the officer asked to see it, along with the marijuana itself, according to a criminal complaint. Chester took a prescription bottle that was missing its label from her purse. Inside the bottle was a greenish-brown leafy substance. Police said Chester then provided a prescription paper that appeared to have the date altered from 2015 to 2016.

After performing a criminal history check, the officer returned to the car and said it smelled even stronger of marijuana, the complaint states. Chester told police she had less than an ounce of marijuana, which she said was in a bag on the rear seat. The officer then found several bags of a greenish-brown leafy substance consistent with marijuana.

After taking Chester into custody and getting the vehicle towed, the officer found a large amount of cash in the back seat, according to the complaint. Chester also had cash on her person that she removed. The total amount of cash was $1,064.

The total amount of marijuana was 87.4 grams, police said. Most of the plastic bags had names and weights written on them. Police also found a digital scale and plastic bags within the same bag, the complaint states.

Chester is charged with possession with intent to deliver. She is in Tygart Valley Regional Jail, with bail set at $50,000.