BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — A Pennsylvania man has been charged with soliciting a minor after traveling to Bridgeport to have sex with a minor, police said.

Mark Sassak

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Bridgeport Police Department, on Sept. 10, Mark Sassak, 36, of Monessen, Pennsylvania, “made contact with a 15 year old female on a social media site.”

After the initial contact, Hassak began to text the female, and those conversation “continued off and on for several weeks,” until, on Oct. 28, Hassak sent a text to the female asking if she “wanted to meet and go fishing,” officers said.

When she was asked if “fishing was all he wanted,” he then asked the 15-year-old if “she wanted to do butt stuff,” and then Sassak went into more detail on what he meant, according to the complaint.

Sassak then set up a meeting location with the female in Bridgeport, and at approximately 10 a.m., a blue Dodge Dart with a Pennsylvania registration arrived at the location, officers said.

After moving from that location to a retail establishment, Sassak sent a text message to the female stating that he could not find the meeting location and he told her where he was; unbeknownst to Sassak, a surveillance vehicle had been set up and an undercover officer had arrived at the retail establishment, according to the complaint.

Upon receiving a text telling him that the female was in front of the business, Sassak was stopped by officers and detained, officers said.

When Sassak was asked what he was doing in Bridgeport, he stated “he came down here to go fishing,” but during a conversation with the female, Sassak was told to “bring protection,” and in Sassak’s vehicle officers found two fishing poles and two condoms, according to the complaint.

Sassak has been charged with soliciting a minor via computer. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $20,000 bond.