PHILIPPI, W.Va. — A traffic stop in Philippi has resulted in Barbour County deputies and the Mountain Region Drug and Violent Crime Task Force finding more than 5 pounds of methamphetamine.

On June 29, deputies with the Barbour County Sheriff’s Department conducted a traffic stop on a black motorcycle near Union Road in Philippi, according to a criminal complaint.

Offender Picture
Joseph Dadisman

When deputies began to approach the motorcycle’s driver Joseph Dadisman, 49, of Philippi, he “got off the motorcycle to approach” deputies, at which point a frisk was performed of Dadisman, deputies said.

After the frisk, deputies asked Dadisman if he had anything on him, to which he replied that “he had a little bit of meth,” and then gave deputies consent to search the motorcycle, according to the complaint.

Prior to the search, Dadisman informed deputies that he “had a weapon on the side-saddle,” and he “became nervous and was very anxious to point out where the weapon was located,” deputies said.

Upon a search, deputies found a black revolver and ammunition, and at that point Dadisman stated there was not anything else on the bike; however, upon a search of the motorcycle, deputies found large clear plastic back containing a crystal-like substance which weighed 1.142 pounds, according to the complaint.

After that, task force officers with the Mountain Region Drug and Violent Crime Task Force executed a search on small camper on 1163 Union Road where Dadisman resided, according to a criminal complaint.

Upon executing the search warrant, task force officers located four pounds of presumed methamphetamine, as well as a box of clear bags, sets of digital scales and several firearms, task force officers said.

Sheriff Brett Carpenter, who took office earlier this year, said this latest bust is only the beginning of his efforts to tackle the drug problem in Barbour County.

“If you want to sell your drugs, you need to take them somewhere else, because we’re not going to tolerate it in Barbour County anymore. We’ve had enough. Me and the people are going to stand up and we’re going to put a stop to it,” said Carpenter.

Dadisman has been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. He is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $50,000 bond.