MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A man is in jail and has been charged after a high-speed police chase in Morgantown.

On Jan. 31, officers with the Morgantown Police Department were dispatched for a reckless driving BOLO for a black Jeep on River Road in Westover, according to a criminal complaint.

Steven Reger

Callers reported the vehicle, driven by Steven Reger, 45, of Morgantown, “at a high rate of speed and passing vehicles on solid yellow center lines,” and was last seen driving across the Westover bridge into Morgantown and had turned onto University Avenue, officers said.

At the intersection of 6th Street and Beechurst Avenue, officers observed the black Jeep “run through the red light travelling North” … “at approximately 60 miles per hours” … “and nearly struck a blue sedan, causing the driver of the sedan to slam on their brakes,” according to the complaint.

Officers attempted to perform a traffic stop on Reger, but as they “made it to 8th Street,” the pursuit “hit speeds of 100 miles per hour.” Officers caught up with him once again near the WVU Creative Arts Center where they “paced the Jeep doing at least 80 miles per hour in a 45 mile-per-hour zone,” officers said.

While nearing Patteson Drive, Reger “slowed for traffic” before “abruptly” crossing two lanes and “weaving in between two cars.” During that time he “failed to yield to southbound traffic,” and “accelerated and nearly rear-ended a Ford Escape in the right-hand eastbound lane of Patteson Drive,” according to the complaint.

The pursuit then continued onto Morrill Way at which point Reger “overcorrected to the right and then jumped the curb onto the sidewalk” in an area where there was “heavy foot and vehicular traffic,” officers said.

When Reger came to a stop “for the vehicle traffic,” officers were able to remove Reger from the Jeep and noted that “there was a very strong smell of hot brakes and rubber.” Reger “admitted to striking another vehicle and breaking the mirror on River Road,” according to the complaint.

Officers spoke with Reger who stated that “he was going to the hospital to see his daughter and that he was upset,” and that “he did not see [officers] attempting to stop him though [their cruiser] had emergency lights and sirens activated,” officers said.

After the vehicle was impounded, officers located “a glass jar inside of a black sock in the center console of the vehicle containing marijuana,” and while testing Reger, he “showed signs of impairment throughout the evaluation,” according to the complaint.

Reger has been charged with fleeing in a vehicle while impaired and fleeing from an officer. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $25,012 bond.