The Buckhannon Avenue home that was searched on Thursday. WBOY image.

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Two and a half pounds of fentanyl and 500 multi-colored pills that were in the shape of children’s vitamins were found during a drug bust in Clarksburg on Thursday, Police Chief Mark Kiddy said.

One-third of a pound of cocaine, a pistol and about $3,500 in cash were also uncovered when a search warrant was executed on Buckhannon Avenue, Kiddy said in a press release.

The pills were shaped like Transformers, Mickey Mouse, the Tootsie Roll owl, the Rolls-Royce emblem and the penguins from Happy Feet, Kiddy said.

Two men from out-of-state are in custody after the search; one from Ohio and one from California, according to Kiddy. Kiddy told 12 News that they believe the suspects have been in the area for about a month.

The drugs “had the potential to cause the death of 600,000 individuals,” the release said.

In an interview with 12 News, Kiddy said that although law enforcement work to stop fentanyl locally, the public should continue contacting politicians to try to get it cut off at its source.

“The fentanyl problem is an issue throughout the country with it coming in through the southern boarders and being distributed throughout the United States. It’s just getting worse and worse and we’re doing everything we can, locally to stop it, but until we shut it down from its source, it’s just going to continue to grow,” Kiddy said.

The Greater Harrison County Drug Task Force, which consists of members from the Clarksburg Police Department, Bridgeport Police Department, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, West Virginia State Police and federal law enforcement agencies, and the Clarksburg Police Department SRT conducted the search.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to include a photo of the home that was searched.