A Preston County man has been arrested on child abuse charges, according to state troopers.

Troopers with the West Virginia State Police Kingwood Detachment were notified of a child abuse case on September 24, 2018. After speaking with the victim, a 15 year-old boy, troopers were told that the boy had been kicked multiple times with steel toed boots causing his nose to bleed and bruises on his hips on September 20, 2018. The victim told troopers that this was done by Daniel Reckart, 34, of Kingwood.

Troopers said that the victim told them that he was kicked for no reason. Troopers then observed heavy bruising on the victim’s left hip and a bruise on his right hip. 

Troopers then spoke with Reckart, who told them that the child was put in timeout in the hallway. Reckart then told troopers that as he walked by the child, his steel toed boot accidentally hit the victim in the side, and as he walked back through the hallway his boot accidentally hit the victim in his nose.

After speaking with Daniel Reckart, troopers spoke with Amanda Reckart, who also said the incident was accidental.

Troopers determined the bruising of the victim’s left hip to be of strong force, and therefore not accidental as Daniel and Amanda Reckart described.

Daniel Reckart has been charged with child abuse resulting in injury.