UPDATE(May 6, 2022 8:15 p.m.)

KINGWOOD, W.Va. – After many hours of deliberation, jurors returned a verdict in the Andrew Prudnick murder trial, Friday evening: guilty.

Jurors found Prudnick guilty of murder in the first degree with mercy.

Prudnick’s sentencing is scheduled for July 8. He was returned to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

ORIGINAL STORY(May 5, 2022 5:35 p.m.)

KINGWOOD, W.Va. – A Preston County murder trial went to the jury Thursday afternoon.

After several days of testimony, both sides presented closing arguments in Andrew Prudnick’s murder trial in the shooting death of Ryan Sines.

Prosecutors said that even though Sines may have been on methaphetamine, may have stolen guns from Prudnick’s apartment, may have been having a relationship with Prudnick’s girlfriend and may have been calling Prudnick names, he didn’t deserve to get shot once in the chest, four times in the groin and killed with a final execution-style shot, all driven by jealousy.

State attorneys went on to say that video evidence showed that the shooting was premeditated and went over lies that Prudnick told 911 operators.

The prosecutor also played a recording of a phone conversation Prudnick had with his mother, from jail, where he told her that “she needs to get over it” and that he doesn’t even really think about it(the shooting) anymore. Prudnick also told his mother that he has a charming personality and would be able to win over a jury. Also during the call, Prudnick asked his mother if Sines had children. When she said yes, Prudnick laughed it off and said “f*ck his family.” Prudnick made another comment to the effect of “one less meth head on the street,” prosecutors also said.

Prudnick’s defense attorneys argued that the shooting was in self defense and that Sines, who was set to go to prison in Maryland, was on meth, which caused him to act crazy and aggressive towards Prudnick.

As of Thursday evening, the jury was still deliberating.