KINGWOOD, W.Va. (WBOY) – Andrew Prudnick, who was convicted back in May of a deadly shooting in Preston County, has been denied acquittal and a motion for a new trial.

Prudnick was found guilty of murdering Ryan Sines, whom he shot multiple times in November 2020. During his sentencing on Wednesday, state representatives recapped that Prudnick fired four shots into Sines’ groin, along with shots to his neck and chest, and that a witness said the gun was loaded prior to the event, suggesting it was premeditated.

At the sentencing, the defense called for a retrial, claiming errors and the use of gruesome photos justified a new trial, but the judge denied the acquittal.

During the sentencing, Sines’ sister, as well as Prudnick’s mother, Suzanne Lilly, both requested to speak.

Lilly addressed Prudnick’s seeming indifference throughout the sentencing, saying Prudnick has regretted what has happened and has had nightmares, waking up punching walls and screaming. She also apologized to the victim’s family, saying she wished the incident had never happened.

Sines’ sister called Prudnick a thief, saying he stole the chance for her brother to walk his daughter down the aisle someday. She finished by saying “you will be unforgiven and will be forgotten.”

The judge sentenced Prudnick to life in prison for the murder. A jury found him guilty with mercy, meaning he will be eligible for parole after 15 years, but the judge recommended Prudnick not receive parole until he had served 40 years.

In July, the Preston County Sheriff’s Office alleged that Prudnick may also have been involved in the 2020 death of Todd Saunders. Prudnick’s girlfriend, Ashlee Saunders—who was given an immunity agreement for cooperation with her father’s death investigation—recently said Prudnick also murdered her father in September 2020 and hid his body in a pond. No official charges were made at that time.