UPDATE (4/22/21 11:36 a.m.):

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The jury has convicted Michelle Boggs of death of a child by a parent, guardian, custodian or other person by child abuse in the death of five-year-old Keaton Boggs.

The jury took a little more than a half hour to deliberate on Thursday following closing arguments from both sides.

There is no word at this time on when Michelle Boggs will be sentenced.

Previously, a jury convicted Peter Wodzinski in Keaton Boggs’ death.

Chasity Wodzinski has yet to be tried in the case.

ORIGINAL STORY (4/21/21 5:28 p.m.):

The prosecution and defense wrapped up their cases Wednesday in a child abuse death trial in Harrison County.

Michelle Boggs

Michelle Boggs is charged with death of a child by a parent, guardian, custodian or other person by child abuse in the death of five-year-old Keaton Boggs.

The prosecution called two more witnesses before concluding its case.

A professional counselor testified that she met with the boy once, and three other appointments with her were canceled.

A pediatrician said he examined Keaton Boggs on Jan. 29, 2020, and stated that the boy had a possible self-imposed black eye and scratches to the face and arms that were claimed to have been made by the family dog.

After the prosecution rested, the defense made a motion to the court for a judgment of acquittal, stating that the prosecution had not proven that Michelle Bogs had knowledge of abuse. The judge denied this motion.

The defense called two witnesses, both of whom are friends of Michelle Boggs. They each testified that Michelle Boggs had stated in conversations that she was concerned about Keaton’s self harm.

Michelle Boggs then took the stand in her own defense. She stated that Keaton was a “drug baby” who had committed self harm for years. She also said she had never seen Peter Wodzinski or Chasity Wodzinski harm the boy.

Michelle Boggs then stated that the bruises on Keaton’s face were not there in the morning when she left the house and said Peter Wodzinski must have caused them because he was the only adult home that day.

Further, Michelle Boggs testified that she had never seen Keaton bruised that badly. Under cross examination, the prosecution produced photos from Michelle Boggs’ phone that showed bruising to the face and head and eyes swollen shut and black, along with knots on the forehead. The prosecution also played a portion of her original statement to police that Keaton had a lot of bruises.

Following Michelle Boggs’ testimony, the prosecution recalled a digital forensic analyst to authenticate the photos.

Once all testimony was finished on both sides, Michelle Boggs’ attorney asked again for a judgment of acquittal, but the judge denied this motion for a second time.

Closing arguments in the trial are set for Thursday.