CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Three people have been arrested after deputies with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department investigated a burglary and the disappearance of two juveniles.

According to a Facebook post made by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, in December 2022, Deputy Pingley began an investigation into a burglary at Highland Park. There was reportedly no forced entry to the victim’s residence and the victim said that $10,000 worth of firearms, ammunition, coins and silver bars had been stolen.

According to the victim, he confronted a family member, Robert A. Cain, who he believed was in possession of the only other key to his residence. The victim said he observed Cain in possession of and smoking meth.

Police obtained a search warrant to Cain’s house on alleged drug use and found “a cell phone and box of personal items” from the victim’s house, the post said.

The potential suspect denied stealing the items and mentioned he had company over earlier, which included a person by the name of Bobby Burnley. Burnley became the primary suspect, and Cain was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance during a Search Warrant, the post said.

At a later time, Deputy Pingley responded to a missing juvenile complaint at Elkins City Hall. The juvenile had reportedly stolen their guardian’s vehicle and taken off.

According to the post, at the suggestion of the guardian, deputies made contact with the guardian of the juvenile’s boyfriend, who mentioned that their child was also missing. The youths had reportedly turned off their phone location.

Police later learned that both juveniles, and another juvenile, were allegedly going to Pennsylvania with Bobby Burnley and Jessica White to obtain airplane tickets.

On Dec. 16, the juvenile boyfriend came back to Randolph County and turned himself in. The boyfriend informed police that he had knowledge of a burglary in Highland Park, the post said.

According to the boyfriend, he assisted Burnley, who supplies him with meth, in robbing the victim’s house. Burnley reportedly had keys to the residence.

The boyfriend also disclosed “child neglect behavior by Jessica White and Bobby Burnley” as well as the location of some of the stolen items. Police later learned that the female juvenile that was initially reported missing, along with the stolen vehicle, had returned home, the post said.

At the disclosed location, police found firearms, drug paraphernalia, a set of keys and personal property belonging to Burnley and the juveniles. A key on the key ring that was found was later confirmed to be to one of the victim’s locks, the one taken from Cain’s residence.

According to the post, the female juvenile, when interviewed, also disclosed “child neglect behavior from Jessica White and Bobby Burnley.”

On Dec. 21, Deputy Pingley, the investigating officer, later received a voicemail from Burnley saying he would be unavailable to speak with until Christmas weekend. After officers tried to establish a meeting, Burnley never contacted police again and would not respond to further efforts to contact him.

On Dec. 27, Jessica White was arrested and transported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail (TVRJ) after arraignment, where she currently resides on $3,000 bail. She has been charged with three counts of Felony Child Neglect.

On Dec. 28, Burnley commented on a Facebook post made by another news outlet regarding White’s arrest. Police then asked Burnley, through the post, to turn himself in.

On Dec. 30, Burnley was found hiding in a vehicle in Elkins then arrested and transported to TVRJ. He has been charged with Burglary, Grand Larceny and three counts of Felony Child Neglect.

While another of the victim’s firearms was located at a residence on Cravens Run Road, not all of the victim’s items have been recovered yet, and the case is ongoing.

According to the post, at the current point in the investigation, there have been “three different cases with three arrests totaling 9 charges.” The post also stated that Juvenile petitions will be filed in the future.