CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — A criminal complaint against a Robert C. Byrd High School student who was charged on Friday revealed the contents of the video that led to his arrest.

Ayden Jedju

Ayden Jedju, 18 of Clarksburg, was arrested on Feb. 10 after the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department was made aware of “threatening videos” that were posted on YouTube, according to a criminal complaint. The complaint specifically mentioned a video titled “Death Machine” that was uploaded on Feb. 9.

The video contains the following statements, as mentioned in the complaint:

Prostate got the death machine gonna shoot your kids. School shooter in this b****. The cops better get to me before I shoot myself after I kill everybody’s kids. Eighteen years of raising that b**** just to die, stupid.

Those children before I had a death machine, the way that I was shooting I aired them out and put their bodies in the back of my Ford-150. Ford F-150 truck I drove right though that school. I went to another school and I shot that other school. I shot your children with a death machine. Call of Duty zombies I’ve got a death machine, except it’s not a death machine, it’s an AR-15.

Yea he in the classroom, but he’s going to die, he can’t escape me, I’m gonna shoot him in his eyes, he can’t run away because he’s locked in his class.

What’s he gonna do, nothing b****, I’m gonna shoot you, you can’t run away you’re stuck in that high school. I got my death machine, what you gonna do…crying on the ground like a b****, just walk, just walk.

Statements from “Death Machine” video, according to a criminal complaint

The complaint stated that the video shows Jedju with his face visible holding a rifle and standing on the steps of the Broad Oaks United Methodist Church in Clarksburg.

The video that 12 News found on YouTube matching police’s description appears to show a rifle with an orange tip, suggesting it’s an airsoft rifle.

Screenshot of “DEATH MACHINE” video on the “Lil Prostate” YouTube channel

The full “Death Machine” video can be viewed on the “Lil Prostate” channel on YouTube.

Jedju’s brother, Ephraim Jedju, reached out to 12 News and said that Ayden’s rap “was a satirical parody of rappers who glorify violence and a life of crime,” and that Ayden “wouldn’t go through with anything.” He continued, “He always did his best in school and usually had good grades as he was looking forward to starting an actual career when he finally graduated.  He never meant to cause any harm but instead he meant to bring light to a rather tragic topic. He could have probably gone about it a different way as I can see the concerns it can arise, however, there is no reason to ruin a young mans life before it has even begun over what was simply meant to be a satirical statement meant to raise awareness to the tragedy of school shootings similar to pumped up kicks by foster the people.”

Shaun Jedju

Shaun Jedju, Ayden’s father, was also arrested on Friday after he allegedly threatened officers while they were searching the Jedju’s home. Another criminal complaint said that Shaun stated, “you’re lucky I don’t f****** hunt you all down when you’re off-duty,” and that the statement was directed at public officials.

Ayden was charged with threats of terroristic acts, and Shaun was charged with intimidation of and retaliation against public officers; they are each being held at North Central Regional Jail on $100,000 bond.