CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — The resignation letter of the West Virginia State Police Captain that the Justice Administration has said was caught on camera taking money that did not belong to him at the Mardi Gras Casino has been released, following a Freedom of Information Act Request.

The letter reads: 

Dear Sir,

The undersigned officer requests permission to retire from the West Virginia State Police effective at 2400 hours on Friday, February 17, 2023. It has been my sincere pleasure and honor to serve on your Senior Staff.

The trooper, who has not been charged, signed the letter as a former Commanding Officer of the West Virginia State Police. 

The trooper’s retirement sparked backlash from the Justice Administration and prompted the release of video from the incident in May 2021 at the casino in Nitro.

A report, also obtained through a FOIA request, shows that the envelope that was left behind by another patron and then picked up by the WVSP Captain contained $731. Security staff was able to track him down via his license plate when he left the casino property and brought the money back hours later. 

The person who lost the money picked it up the next day. 

The Justice Administration and the former Superintendent of the WVSP Jan Cahill, who resigned Monday morning, have been at odds over the firing and even the conversation about what should happen and if it was even a possibility given the trooper’s ability to retire with 29 years of service. 

Col. Cahill said that he did not have that authority under state code and said he was never told by the Justice Administration to do so. Wednesday, the administration laid out bullet points that say otherwise. 

Another trooper who works investigations on behalf of the West Virginia State Police also was investigated for failure to report the incident up the chain of command. 

The internal investigation about the incident at the casino was returned “unsubstantiated.” The new West Virginia State Police Superintendent Col. Jack Chambers said will reject that report and the investigation is being reopened.