SHINNSTON, W.Va. — A Shinnston man has been charged after a vehicle pursuit through Harrison County.

On Aug. 19, officers with the Shinnston Police Department saw a man on a red motorcycle traveling north on Hood Avenue in Shinnston. He matched the description of a subject involved in a pursuit with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, according to a criminal complaint.

The individual, identified later as Mark Yatulchik, 51, of Shinnston, turned left onto Vincent Street and “appeared to pull to the right and stop putting his feet to the ground” before officers could reach him; he then accelerated, officers said.

Offender Picture
Mark Yatulchik

Upon fleeing, Yatulchik reached speeds “in excess for the narrow, congested residential streets” and also “struggled to maintain control” of his motorcycle, according to the complaint.

After traveling onto Hood Avenue, Yatulchik sped in excess of 70 miles per hour for six miles on his way to Hardesty Run Road, and at one point he “attempted to throw his helmet at pursuing officers”; as Yatulchik entered Hardesty Run Road, he struck a deputy’s cruiser, officers said.

Yatulchik then fell, but “attempted to raise and remount the motorcycle,” at which point he was “pulled to the ground by officers.” Due to Yatulchik’s continued resistance, officers had “to use measurable force and the use of a police K9 to gain control,” according to the complaint.

After he was taken into custody, officers found 1.19 grams of presumed methamphetamine on Yatulchik. He stated “he was transporting the narcotics to a third party,” officers said.

Officers discovered the motorcycle Yatulchik had been driving was reported as stolen, and when Yatulchik was told this information, he stated that “he did not verify that the party was the valid owner of the vehicle and that it could be stolen,” according to the complaint.

Yatulchik has been charged with fleeing with reckless indifference, receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, obstructing an officer, prohibited acts and possession of methamphetamine. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail.