GRAFTON, W.Va. — The Taylor County Sheriff’s Department has refiled charges against a Farmington man accused of murdering a man in Grafton.

Offender Picture
Joshua Price

According to Taylor County Sheriff Terry Austin, the original criminal complaint filed against Joshua Price, 30, of Farmington, was dismissed in order to file a new complaint with additional details into an incident on June 25 which left Tyler Poston, 26, of Grafon, dead.

The updated criminal complaint stated that, on June 25, Poston left his residence at approximately 10:12 p.m., and after comparing the shell casings at the scene, in Price’s vehicle and from testimony from Price stating that he fired the .22 caliber weapon; those statements assisted in “confirming Joshua Blake Price murdered Tyler Poston.”

The firearm used in the incident was a .22 caliber handgun with a silencer on it, and Price “did show family members how quiet the firearm was with a silencer on it,” and Price admitted “that the firearm he shot at 61 Dunkard Mill Road belonged to his grandmother,” deputies said.

When deputies spoke with Price’s grandmother, she stated that Price was “the only person to borrow said firearm,” according to the complaint.

Upon a further investigation, deputies discovered that Price “had planned on killing Tyler Poston,” and were able to locate an expired driver’s license placed at the scene by Price; the license had not been in the possession of the woman to whom it belonged “since 2016 and she had been unable to locate it,” deputies said.

The license’s owner told deputies that her girlfriend “had used it at the West Side Trading Post Pawn Shop,” and after a search of the business, records showed that the license was last used at that location on June 29, 2016, according to the complaint.

The individual who had used the woman’s license at the business admitted to using it at the West Side Trading Post Pawn Shop, and that “the driver’s license was left at said pawn shop,” deputies said.

A search of the pawn shop also resulted in deputies locating “a wooden box containing miscellaneous cards as well as multiple driver’s licenses belonging to various customers,” and deputies also located “pieces of a destroyed .22 caliber Ruger magazine,” according to the complaint.

Deputies learned that Price “was in a relationship with the mother of Tyler Poston’s child” and that “there was animosity between [them],” deputies said.

A court had previously ruled that Price “could not be around the victim’s daughter,” and an investigation showed that Price “tried to frame Tyler Poston for possession of child pornography” and that Price “had homicidal ideations toward the victim,” according to the complaint.

As a result of the refiled complaint, Price and his representation were given 10 more days before a new pre-trial hearing will take place, according to Sheriff Austin.