CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Day two of the trial of a Harrison County man accused in the death of a five-year-old boy was held Tuesday in Clarksburg.

Peter Wodzinski

The prosecution continued its case by calling a West Virginia State Police digital forensic analyst who extracted information from three cell phones and three tablets belonging to Peter Wodzinski, Chasity Wodzinski and Michelle Boggs.

During her testimony, she read many text threads between Chasity Wodzinski and Peter Wodzinski to the jury. There were messages about hiding the bruises on Keaton Boggs, including one from Chasity Wodzinski that said, “I’m going to put make up on it to hide it.”

The prosecution then called a pediatric critical care doctor who has been published on the topics of pediatric suicide and self-harm in children ages 5–18. She testified that Keaton arrived at Ruby Memorial Hospital at approximately 5 pm on March 18. When he arrived, his brain injury was too severe to operate on, and all she could do with her staff was try to get his vital signs and stabilize him.

The doctor stated that Keaton was probably one of the worst child abuse patients she ever had to take care of. She described bruises all over his body and face, eyes that were black and blue and the lacerated penis. She also mentioned a low heart rate and low blood pressure.

The prosecution showed the jury pictures of Keaton that were taken by a nurse when he was stabilized with a ventilator and other equipment. The doctor testified that she went down to the waiting room and took Chasity Wodzinski and Michelle Boggs to a conference room to gather Keaton’s health history and find out what happened to him.

During this conversation, Michelle Boggs asked if Child Protective Services was going to take the child, to which the doctor replied yes. The doctor stated that Chasity Wodzinski told her the child woke up with a headache that morning and did not want breakfast and did not want to go outside and play with other kids, so he took a nap instead.

During this testimony, she said Michelle Boggs told her she tried to wake him up later, but she was not able to. She then called Chasity Wodzinski, who rushed home, and then they took him to United Hospital Center. The doctor said when the pair was asked about bruises on Keaton, they said he bruises easily and has behavior disorders, stating that he hit himself with a toy hammer, and that the bruises on his back were from tripping over the dog and then falling down the stairs.

When asked about the lacerated penis, Michelle Boggs that Keaton always would dig his finger into his own penis, according to the doctor’s testimony. Michelle Boggs said she told him if he did not stop, she was going to cut it off. Later, Keaton went back to Michelle Boggs, who saw that he had taken a knife to himself. Chasity Wodzinski and Michelle Boggs said the black and blue eyes were from him running into door knobs when he was sleep walking, the doctor stated in court. However, she also told the jury that children at that age do not cut themselves, especially to a pain-sensitive area like that. She asserted that the injuries he sustained were done to him.

Keaton’s vital signs changed drastically overnight, mostly from brain swelling, the doctor testified. She and another doctor believed his brain was pushing out of his skull, leading to brain death. She said hospital policy requires two different physicians to perform a brain death exam at least 12 hours apart. The first was performed on March 19, and the second was done on March 20, at which time he was declared brain dead.

The doctor testified that Keaton’s injuries were caused by non-accidental trauma that someone else had done to him. The hospital kept the boy alive to donate his organs to other children. She also told the court that when Keaton was taken to the operating room, doctors and nurses lined the hallway to honor him as he passed by.

The trial will continue on Wednesday.