TUNNELTON, W.Va. — A Tunnelton couple has been charged with child neglect after deputies found them living in a car with five children, with Suboxone, but no food or drinks, no clean diapers and no proper shoes for the kids.

Early on the morning of June 29, deputies with the Preston County Sheriff’s Department received a message that a female was parked at Mt. Israel Church in Tunnelton and “that she appeared to be slumped over the wheel,” according to a criminal complaint.

When deputies responded to the scene, they found a Saturn on Shahan and Stone Hollow roads, and “the outside temperature was 70 degress and extremely humid” at the time, deputies said.

When deputies made contact with the Saturn’s driver, Angel Bosley, 32, of Tunnelton, who “was crying” and as deputies walked up to the vehicle, they observed “children everywhere in the front and rear of the car” with ages ranging from 1.5 to 12 years in age, among the five children, according to the complaint.

Offender Picture
Angel Bosley

Deputies ran the Saturn’s registration and found that it belonged to a Subaru and had expired in Feb. of 2020, as well as discovering that Bosley had a revoked license, deputies said.

Upon being asked why she was parked in the area, she replied that “she was looking for her husband,” David Bosley, 40, of Morgantown, who had “threatened to stab her in the head on 6/24/21,” according to the complaint.

Deputies had been attempting to perform a welfare check on Angel’s residence since that incident, but had been unable to come in contact with her, and when Angel was asked where she and the children live, to which she replied that “all seven live in the car because they are homeless,” deputies said.

When Angel was asked if there was food in the car, she replied that there was not, but she “she made formula earlier that night for the baby”; a search of the vehicle revealed that there was no formula in the car, according to the complaint.

At that point, Angel stated that “there is juice in the car,” but deputies were only able to locate “some dirty substance that resembled tea in the baby bottle” as well as half of a Pepsi, deputies said.

Deputies then asked Angel if she had a diaper because the baby needed changed, however Angel “had two diapers in the car that were covered in dirt and unknown substances”; deputies also observed the baby to be asleep on a purse which had three loose Suboxone strips prescribed to David, according to the complaint.

When deputies asked Angel if the strips “were required to be locked up securely and out of reach of others and she replied ‘yes’,” and deputies noted that all the Soboxone strips “were in ready access of all children,” deputies said.

Deputies asked Angel how long it had been since anyone bathed, to which she replied “a day and a half ago,” but one of the children stated that “it had been three days since they bathed,” according to the complaint.

Deputies noted that “the car was extremely filthy,” and there “there were two very dirty stuffed animals in the back seat” and that they were the only toys, deputies said.

Offender Picture
David Bosley

At that time, David walked up to the vehicle and told deputies that Angel “had his Suboxone in her purse and that it was okay as long as he was there,” according to the complaint.

Deputies asked Angel is the vehicle’s air conditioner worked, and she stated that it did, but deputies told her that due to the recent high temperatures, “the car would not be cool enough to reside within,” deputies said.

One child wore oversized boots and wore none of the other children had shoes, due to this “all of the children’s feet were extremely swollen and one child had extremely red feet,” which Angel stated was because “he had been bee stung,” however, “she had no medication for the child,” according to the complaint.

Angel and David have been charged with five counts of child neglect. They are being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $100,000 bond.