UPDATE (11/13/2018):

A second man has been arrested for the kidnapping of two people over a $6,000 debt, deputies said. 

The kidnapping of Seth Wheeler and Cassandra Polling took place on October 19, according to deputies.

Jason Lambert, 37, of Masontown, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping for his role in the incident. Lambert spoke to Wheeler’s father on the phone multiple times throughout the kidnapping, deputies said.

ORIGINAL (10/22/2018):

The Preston County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man due to his alleged involvement in the kidnapping of two people over a $6,000 debt, deputies said.

Deputies with the Preston County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a man on Friday reporting that his son, Seth Wheeler, had been beaten up and kidnaped. According to deputies, the man said that he received a call from his son that he had been taken against his will for an alleged $6,000 debt and that he would be killed if he didn’t get the money to pay the debt.

Wheeler’s father agreed with an unknown person over the phone to meet at a location along Rhor Road near Masontown, deputies said. Deputies responded to the location and observed the vehicle being driven by Wheeler’s father, who said he had received another phone call from his son saying he was on his way and that he would be killed if police were present. 

Deputies said they witnessed a car arrive and listened to Wheeler’s father talk to the passengers over a cell phone.

The person present with Wheeler in the car was Christopher Nice, 24, of Masontown, according to deputies.

Deputies heard Nice say that if Wheeler’s father didn’t have enough money, his son would be killed. They, then, rushed the vehicle and took custody of Nice.

Later, deputies learned that a female acquaintance of Wheeler, Cassandra Polling, was also being held against her will by the same people.

Deputies said that Wheeler told them that he has been severely beaten and threatened before leaving with Nice for the money exchange. Deputies observed multiple injuries to the head and face of Wheeler. Cassandra Polling was later located after she had been beaten, doused with gasoline and threatened with a firearm.

Deputies said that Polling had been dropped off at a family member’s home by the suspects, all while being threatened with death and physical injury. Deputies then said that upon observing Polling, she had injuries consistent with being severely beaten and smelled of gasoline.

Nice has been arrested and charged with kidnapping.