UPDATE: 'Armed and dangerous' Doddridge County man now in custody

WEST UNION, W.Va. - UPDATE (6/12/18 at 4 p.m.):

A domestic incident led to a series of events that ended in the arrest of Charles Davis in Doddridge County.

It started at about 12:27 a.m. Monday at #3 Jacobs Lane in Smithburg, when deputies answered a call for domestic violence/harassment, according to the Doddridge County Sheriff's Department.  Shannon Collin told deputies she had been hit in the stomach by a piece of cinder block that had been thrown through a window.  Deputies said since June 8, Davis had made multiple harassing phone calls to Collin.

At 4:16 a.m., an employee of Shell gas station called to report that Davis had stolen a Red 2016 Ford F-150 from the parking lot, according to deputies.  The employee told deputies that Davis went into the gas station and asked if she had seen the police.  Deputies said Davis left the store and went back inside to ask for a cigarette and a phone to use.  The employee told deputies that Davis left without using the store phone and then hid behind the dumpsters.

The owner of the stolen truck told deputies that she was sitting inside a Deep Well pilot truck when she saw Davis get into her F-150.  She also told deputies that there was a 9mm pistol in the middle console.

At 4:48 a.m., deputies received a call that the F-150 had wrecked into the the house at #3 Jacobs Lane.  Deputies said when they arrived, Davis was no longer there.

Residents told deputies that Davis got out of the truck and tried to get into the home.  Davis then fired one shot, got back into the truck and slammed it into the house, deputies said.

One resident told deputies he then went around the corner of the house and threw a knife at the truck in which Davis was sitting.  Davis got out of the truck, went around toward the back of it, and then fired another shot toward the resident, according to deputies.  Davis ran away from the house after that, deputies said.

Davis is charged with wanton endangerment and grand larceny in the incident.

UPDATE (6/11/18 at 5 p.m.):

According to Doddridge County 911, Charles "Charley" Davis is in custody.

ORIGINAL (6/11/18 10:23 a.m.):

The Doddridge County Sheriff's Department is searching for a man they consider to be armed and dangerous.

Deputies are looking for Charles "Charley" Davis, 42. At this time, they are not able to provide information on why Davis is wanted.

Davis is a white male, is 5'9" tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds, deputies said. He has black hair and hazel eyes.

If you see Davis, do not approach him, deputies said. Call the Doddridge County Sheriff's Department immediately at 304-873-1944 or call 911.

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