UPDATE: Elizabeth Jenkins found guilty of first degree murder


UPDATE (3/7/18 at 7:15 p.m.):

Elizabeth Jenkins has been found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The jury deliberated for about an hour before delivering the guilty verdict.

The murder verdict was without mercy, while the conspiracy charge will be a one- to five-year sentence. Both of these charges will be served consecutively.

Parents of the victims addressed the court and thanked everyone who worked on this case. They also addressed Jenkins saying they believe in forgiveness but cannot forgive her.

While she was leaving the court, Jenkins declared her intention to appeal.

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UPDATE (3/7/18 at 4:15 p.m.):

A Clarksburg woman’s murder trial moved into the final stages Wednesday.

The day began with testimony from a Clarksburg Police Department detective about cell phone records that tied Elizabeth Jenkins to the crime scenes.

A deputy chief medical examiner, who performed the autopsy on Keyairy Wilson, then testified. He found a gunshot wound to Wilson’s chest that caused a collapsed lung. He also found multiple cuts to Wilson’s neck, including a perforated jugular. He testified that those cuts happened while Wilson was still alive and that she had defensive wounds on her hands and arms. Following the autopsy, he ruled her death a homicide.

Jenkins then took the stand in her own defense. She testified that Warren Hall was the one who shot and cut Wilson and that he told her that he would take care of her if she told police his version of the events. Jenkins said that she was in fear for her safety because Hall hit both her and Daniel Amsler with a baseball bat. She said that she was also afraid that Hall would harm a relative of hers if she did not go along with his story. She went on to testify that after Wilson’s death, they group went to Weston and not to Barbour County, where Wilson’s body was found. She did admit to lying to police during investigative interviews.

A different Clarksburg detective was then recalled to the stand, where he testified that Jenkins’ latest testimony was her fourth different story. He also said that Jenkins had described the Barbour County scene very well.

Both sides then rested. Judge Matish then issued instructions to the jury and both attorneys gave closing arguments. The case now rests with the jury.

UPDATE (3/6/18 at 4:45 p.m.):

Day two of a Clarksburg woman’s murder trial concluded Tuesday.

The state played Elizabeth Jenkins’ original, audio confession to the jury, which included many details about Keyairy Wilson’s murder.

Jenkins said she had been smoking a lot of crack and didn’t mean to kill Wilson. She confessed that she did not know the safety on the gun was off and that she shot Wilson in the chest or stomach.

Jenkins said Warren Hall took Wilson’s money and bag of crack after she was shot and that Daniel Amsler drug her body out of the house and put it into the car. Amsler, then, drove her and Wilson’s body to Barbour County to dump it, Jenkins said.

In the audio confession, Jenkins also admitted to cutting Wilson’s wrist and throat to “make it look like an accident.” Jenkins said she and Amsler, then, washed their hands in a nearby river and threw the knife in the woods, her shoes in the river and her shirt out the window.

Warren Hall returned after they dumped the body, Jenkins said, to help clean up the mess. Jenkins said the table Wilson was shot at and the refrigerator were removed from the house.

When Jenkins was asked in the audio confession if Amsler was an innocent bystander, she said that he wasn’t or he would have taken Wilson to the hospital.

Detective Mike Walsh and Warren Hall testified Tuesday, as well. 

Hall has accepted a plea agreement that has not yet been accepted by the court, which includes his testimony in Jenkins’ trial.


The trial began Monday for a Clarksburg woman accused of murdering an Ohio woman.

Elizabeth Jenkins, along with Daniel Amsler and Warren Hall, is accused of murdering Keyairy Wilson in March 2017. Jenkins, Amsler and Hall planned to rob Wilson, according to court documents, and during the robbery, Jenkins allegedly shot Wilson with a pistol, killing her. The trio, then, transported Wilson’s body to Barbour County to dispose of it, police said.

Judge James Matish decided in February to separate the trio’s trials instead of trying them as co-defendants. Warren Hall pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery with a firearm and conspiracy to commit robbery Friday, according to the Harrison County Prosecutor’s Office. Hall also agreed to testify against Jenkins and Amsler. Amsler’s trial is set to begin in April.

Jenkins’ trial began Monday with jury selection and opening statements. The jury consists of four women and eight men, and her trial is set to continue on Tuesday.

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