UPDATE: Jury convicts Clarksburg man of murdering Keyairy Wilson


UPDATE (8/2/18 at 3 p.m.):

On the fourth day of a trial in Harrison County, a jury convicted Daniel Amsler of murdering Keyairy Wilson.

The jury began deliberations at 1:10 p.m. Thursday afternoon and took nearly two hours to reach a guilty verdict. They found Amsler guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery in the March 2017 shooting death of Keyairy Wilson.

The jury, then, deliberated again after delivering their guilty verdict and decided not to grant Amsler mercy.

UPDATE (8/1/18 at 4:30 p.m.):

Day three of Daniel Amsler’s murder trial for the death of Keyairy Wilson concluded Wednesday.

Warren Hall, who was originally charged with murder in the case, took the stand against Amsler Wednesday. Hall pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery with a firearm and conspiracy to commit robbery, and as part of his plea deal, Hall agreed to testify against Jenkins and Amsler.

Hall went into detail for the jury about the events on the day Wilson was killed.

Hall said after Jenkins shot Wilson, she wouldn’t allow him or Amsler to leave. He said he recalled Wilson asking to be taken to the hospital because she had family and children. Eventually, though, Hall left and went home.

Hall testified that he returned to the house later in the evening to find out what happened and to get high. When he arrived back at the house, he said he saw a mop bucket in the kitchen and was told that Jenkins stabbed Wilson 12 to 13 times.

The state coroner and the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner also took the stand Wednesday.

Amsler’s trial will continue Thursday.

UPDATE (7/31/18 at 4:30 p.m.):

The second day of a Clarksburg man’s murder trial included more testimony and video for the jury to watch.

Clarksburg Police Detective Sergeant Mike Walsh continued testifying Tuesday and discussed the security footage from different businesses that show the route the group took from Clarksburg, where Keyairy Wilson was shot, to Barbour County, where the trio allegedly disposed of her body.

Video of the area where the body was found was also shown to the jury Tuesday.

The defense cross-examined Walsh and challenged the credibility of certain witness statements provided to the investigating officers.

The state, then, called Clarksburg Police Detective Sergeant Chris Willis to the stand. Willis presented authenticated pictures of the search warrant that was executed to search the truck the trio allegedly used to transport Wilson’s body.

Amsler’s trial will continue Wednesday.


The trial for a man accused in the shooting death of an Ohio woman began in Clarksburg Monday.

Daniel Amsler is accused of murdering Keyairy Wilson in Clarksburg in March 2017. Amsler, along with Elizabeth Jenkins and Warren Hall, allegedly planned to rob Wilson, according to court documents, and during the robbery, Jenkins shot Wilson with a pistol, killing her. The trio, then, transported Wilson’s body to Barbour County to dispose of it, police said.

Judge James Matish decided in February to separate the trio’s trials instead of trying them as co-defendants. In March, Jenkins was found guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit robbery and was sentenced to life without parole, and Hall pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery with a firearm and conspiracy to commit robbery. As part of his plea deal, Hall agreed to testify against Jenkins and is scheduled to testify against Amsler this week, as well.

Amsler’s trial began with jury selection, and opening statements were delivered Monday afternoon. The state began by interviewing Clarksburg Police Detective Sergeant Mike Walsh, who explained the incident in detail. The state said they will also hear from the state coroner and various other witnesses. 

Monday’s proceedings ended with the playing of a recording of Amsler’s initial interview with police. The defense objected to the playing of the recording because some parts are difficult to hear, but the state supplied transcripts. Matish allowed the recording to be played and said the audio is the actual evidence and that the transcript should be used as a guide for jurors. 

Amsler’s trial is set to continue Tuesday morning.

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