A woman accused of stabbing her stepmother to death in Tucker County appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Emily Heckler, 19, allegedly stabbed and killed her stepmother, Marion Heckler, on April 13 in the Hambleton area of Tucker County, according to the Tucker County Sheriff’s Department.

A Tucker County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Teter testified Tuesday about what he saw on scene and Emily Heckler’s statements during processing. Emily Heckler told deputies that she and her stepmother were involved in an argument before the incident occurred. During the argument, Emily Heckler said she had a flashback to a previous fight with her mother that involved a knife, which she claimed caused her to flip out and stab her stepmother, deputies said.

When deputies arrived on scene, Marion Heckler was still alive, according to testimony. CPR was performed in an attempt to keep her alive, but she died soon after, a deputy said.

Marion Heckler had defensive wounds on her arms and hands, according to deputies. Emily Heckler allegedly slit Marion Heckler’s throat, deputies said, and 42 stab wounds were found on Marion Heckler’s back, killing her with an eight-inch wooden-handled kitchen butcher knife.

Deputies said Emily Heckler had blood all over her and her clothes when she was arrested. She was cooperative during the arrest and questioning, deputies said.

Tucker County Magistrate Riley Barb found probable cause in Emily Heckler’s case Tuesday, and now, the case will move to Tucker County Circuit Court. There are no scheduled court proceedings at this time.

Deputies also served a warrant Tuesday to swab Emily Heckler’s mouth and take one of her hair folicles before she was taken back to jail.

Barb did not set bond for Emily Heckler.

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