LEWIS COUNTY, W.Va. – Two women have been arrested after deputies found used needles and a bloody knife within the reach of small children.

Deputies with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department went to a home in Lewis County on April 21, according to court documents. Deputies said that when they entered the home, there were dishes covered in rotten food and mold, and what was once a table was broken into multiple pieces.

In the bathroom, deputies found a knife covered in blood on the sink, blood smeared all over the counter and open trash bags with trash spilling out all over the floor.

Deputies also checked the bedrooms, according to the complaint, and found trash and feces all over the beds and floor. There were no sheets on the beds, and there was visible rotting trash, feces and molding clothes all over the rooms, deputies said.

Laying next to the door of one of the bedrooms, deputies found a purse containing used needles. Inside that room, deputies found a woman, identified as Kacie Lauderdale, 36 of Lost Creek, with a four-year-old child.

Lauderdale and the child were escorted out of the home, and while speaking with deputies, Lauderdale said she had been living there for three months and admitted that she had used meth while the child was in the house.

Later in the day, another woman, Autom Wilson, 29 of Orlando, West Virginia, arrived at the home and told officers that she lives there with Lauderdale and their six children, ages four, five, six, six, nine and eleven.

The six children were taken into emergency custody by CPS. Both Lauderdale and Wilson were arrested and charged with child neglect. They are being held at Central Regional Jail, each on $30,000 bond.